Work Bitch

For those of you who are new to my world, let me catch you up to speed; I am absolutely terrified of geese. Every once in awhile, I try to pretend that the geese aren't scary af, but in the end, I always go right back to remembering that geese are the minions of Satan, … Continue reading Work Bitch

You Want It Darker

AKA confessions of a former catty bitch.  I was once a catty bitch. I mocked celebrity clothing choices, I criticized women wrestlers who were hired as models, I compared myself to other women. I talked about girls behind their back in high school, etc. But I was an insecure, jealous, girl. I was jealous of … Continue reading You Want It Darker

Big & Loud

This has not been my week. I've been sick. I've had xrays. It's actually super shitty. But I will figure this out in a few days & all will be well.  But I refuse to let dark times cloud my awesome life. My life is the raddest. I've lost six pounds this month. My gym … Continue reading Big & Loud

No Filter

Yesterday was the best day I've had in recent memory.  I have been writing professionally for nine years. During that time the universe has blessed me with some amazing opportunities. But yesterday, I got to bring my daughters with me while I was working. We covered a trade show for female gamers at a comic … Continue reading No Filter

Writing’s on the Wall

Parenting a teenager super sucks sometimes.  I'm fortunate that I'm raising a mature & well rounded teen girl. She's not concerned with gossip. She doesn't waste days on social media. She likes boys & fashion & selfies & reality TV, but she's not caught up in celebrity worship as much as her peers (except for … Continue reading Writing’s on the Wall

Dear Stephanie McMahon: A Letter From One Mom To Another

Dear Stephanie McMahon, You don't know me and I don't know you, but we sort of grew up together. I'm only a couple of years younger than you and I grew up watching WWE programming and loved the entertainment your family brought into my home each week. As a teenager, I loathed your onscreen character … Continue reading Dear Stephanie McMahon: A Letter From One Mom To Another

Something Great

I watched WWE as a kid & still dig the camp factor. My daughters love it though, are very invested in the storylines & I'll have to keep my two eldest in neutral corners as their faves AJ Lee & Paige compete for the Divas title tonight @ the Summerslam PPV event (yes, they are … Continue reading Something Great