Out of My Head

Today was an amazing day.

I conducted an interview. I’m not a huge fan of the artist, but they were fun to talk to, and this was the 25th feature interview I’ve conducted over my career.

When I sat in my first class eight years ago, I was hoping that I could write a small column for a local paper. To think that I’ve become the editor of two magazines & conducted 25 interviews with people of note, it’s amazing! Publicists know my name! Even if this is as far as I go professionally, the fact that I can say I made it this far is pretty exciting. I’m humbled & awestruck that this is my job & I thank God every day that he has afforded me the chance to do the only thing I love & call it work. It may not be the most financially rewarding job but its taken me on some interesting journeys. I’ve been to the Ontario Court of Justice, divey bars that closed in three weeks, major concert festivals, stadium tours, a dingy house party in inner city Detroit (my all time favourite story to write) & even…law school. Everything & everyone in life has a story, ones I get to tell & no memory, no moment, word, kiss or promise (aside from the ones given by my daughters) means more than seeing my name in print, knowing people will read the stories I tell. It’s a thrill I could never describe, the culmination of everything I’ve wanted since I was eight years old. It’s a feeling of success, pride, & euphoria that I hope each & everyone of you feel at least once in your lifetime.

So, thank you to every local artist I’ve ever interviewed. Thanks to every major artist I’ve interviewed. Thanks to my friends, who have come to every divey bar, ghetto neighbourhood &hot stadium to help me pursue my dream. Thanks to the person who proofed my work with me at 1am & told me that they read everything I had ever written & it’s what I did best & where I truly belonged. But most of all…thank you for reading my words. The fact that anyone cares enough to read my words, even on this blog makes me happy & humbled. You care what I have to say, even for a fleeting moment. Maybe they affect you & maybe they stay with you. My one goal in life is that someday, I will write something that will change someone’s life, like so many songwriters & authors have changed mine. I hope I’ve reached you, even for a second & made you laugh, made you think or helped you learn something you’ve always wanted to know.

So, thanks for reading ASH Multimedia, thanks for reading my bylines. Thanks for sharing in my joy today & know its not over; every day is a new challenge & a new story. For many years ago, my mentor & teacher (who now calls me a colleague) told me something that I’ve tried to live my life by:

“…never a day without a word.”