The City

A.K.A things I learned from Ed Sheeran!

I love him so much, but almost all of his songs have a recurring theme, which makes me sort of wonder.

Pretty much every song covers one or more of following themes:

1. Love you so much, I’ll be here forever
2. I got in over my head so I’m going to leave you & claim you deserve better
3. I’m drunk. Soooooo drunk.
4. Regret regret regret
5. I’m back. It’ll be different.

(And a couple of random songs about hookers & why record execs suck & he’s so great hahaha)

I hope they aren’t autobiographical or there is some poor confused British girl!

I wonder how many men do this, or if Mr. Sheeran likes to sell albums. The idea that someone would meet their match & then bail on them & then regret it, come back, repeat is really sad.

I know the enormity of “the one” is frightening, especially when it hits a snag. You’ll question everything! Most of us analyze each detail to death until we’ve scared ourselves stupid. Of course, that’s when communication comes in. Talking those fears out with your partner helps, because you don’t want to live out the album + (well, the drunk part wouldn’t be so bad once or twice a year hahaha). Ed Sheeran gets a lot of money writing about his circle. People who live it just end up hurt & sad & wounded. If you’re lucky enough to woo your mate back, you’re going to feel guilty for what happened, setting yourself up for failure as you relentlessly please your mate, promising them everything under the sun only to realize that you can’t deliver & repeat what you did in the first place!

Truthfully, the only thing your partner would want is an apology & security. Some comfort that this time that it won’t happen again & a slow rebuild back to where you were. Of course, that’s if they would even speak to you again. I’d be willing to bet that 99% of the population wouldn’t forgive repeated bouts of abandonment. Maybe Mr. Sheeran’s love didn’t & that’s why he’s so often writing about being drunk?

Either way, runners need to reconcile what they’re running from, what makes them so afraid & those who continuously allow it need to ask why they allow it so they can find happiness, because the circle is just that; a circle that takes you nowhere. So, get out of the loop & on a road to somewhere

Or, perhaps we should take a cue from Mr. Sheeran’s other tunes & empathize with hookers & travel the world! I know I could use a vacation…

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