Love Again

Part of growing as a human means being able to look internally and evolve.  For me, it means recognizing that over the last year, I've sabotaged almost all of my potential relationships.  I've really enjoyed casual dating. It's been nice to go out, spend time with someone and be picky enough to cut things off … Continue reading Love Again

That’s My Girl

Let me tell you about my best friend Melissa.  She's a mom, manager, wife, fitness guru, and blogger (read her stuff. It's rad. Also, follow her on Twitter). She's the most patient, understanding, and all around coolest person that I know. For 15 years she's been my other half & we've been through everything together. … Continue reading That’s My Girl

Fake Happy 

There's been an article circulating online that a few of my friends have tagged me in, mostly because it's something I'd relate to.  Feminista Jones, an authour and social worker, encouraged women to agree with a man when they complimented her. The results weren't terribly surprising. Anyone who is familiar with my online dating trolling … Continue reading Fake Happy 

You Want It Darker

AKA confessions of a former catty bitch.  I was once a catty bitch. I mocked celebrity clothing choices, I criticized women wrestlers who were hired as models, I compared myself to other women. I talked about girls behind their back in high school, etc. But I was an insecure, jealous, girl. I was jealous of … Continue reading You Want It Darker

Bird Set Free

Sometimes I get days off. And after spending time with my kids & crossfit, I hang out by a lake by my house and read books & think about stuff.  Tonight, I spent my night FINALLY reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, because nerd. I like to sit among rocks & trees & read … Continue reading Bird Set Free

Let Them In

One thing that has always bugged the piss out of me is when women bully and belittle other women. It's such bullshit.  You know what I mean, those "real women have _____" memes, the "make sure your shorts cover your vagina" memes, the "I can wash your beauty off with a cloth" memes. Please do … Continue reading Let Them In

This is What You Came For

Let me tell you about my good friend Gleason.  We have been friends for 20 years (Dear God). We've been friends through the best of times, the worst of times, marriages (both of us), divorce (mine), kids, depression, and that heartbreaking time that Hulk Hogan joined the nWo. I'm very fortunate to have maintained such … Continue reading This is What You Came For

A Better Place

Over the last few months, I haven't had much faith in humanity. Mostly, because humanity hasn't given me much to have faith in. It all started about three months ago, when some teen girls tried to rob my teenage daughter. Suddenly, I didn't feel as safe in my neighbourhood. Then, I was blindsided and abandoned, … Continue reading A Better Place

Dangerous Woman

Hey all! I'm not dead! I've enjoyed my respite, but it's time for me to do what I do best; write happy shit.  I guess I should clarify why I took my downtime. My commute had me exhausted, I felt like I had overexposed my life like a Kim Kardashian nude selfie & I honestly … Continue reading Dangerous Woman

Make You Smile

Sometimes I realize how ill equipped I am to handle stress in this province of cows.  For the last two months, all of the things I came to use to overcome stress weren't there. You can't sit amongst nature when it's nuclear winter. You can't go to the gym & lift heavy when you can't … Continue reading Make You Smile