About Me

Hi! I’m MHC and welcome to my weird and wonderful life!

For those of you who are new to my world, I thought I’d give you the Coles’ notes version of who I am to get you up to speed.

1. I’m a single mom of three awesome girls. I make it a point to live my life in a way that I would want them to emulate. This means being a boring good girl, the eternal optimist, and someone I can be proud of.

2. I am an independant, free spirit, gypsy sort of person who doesn’t like to be caged in by any one particular place or thing. This is especially funny considering my career path is deadline driven and detail focused. That career path is journalism! I’ve spent most of my career as an entertainment reporter, but I’m expanding into humanitarian and fitness writing. I’m currently freelancing for various magazines in Edmonton. Maybe you’ll read one of my articles! My goal in life is to write something that reaches someone and I taught them something about the world and made them a better person. Kind of an odd pipe dream, but I always wanted to engage and inform.

3. I hate geese. So much.

4. I write about everything with pretty candid honesty, because writing is cheaper than therapy.

5. All of my blog titles are the titles of songs that I am listening to at the moment. Sometimes they make perfect sense. Sometimes they don’t. Either way, the format isn’t changing.

6. I’m way too obsessed with the Legend of Zelda for my own good. Pokemon too, but mostly Pikachu. I’m actually a huge nerd and I’m completely cool with that too.

7. I do a lot of yoga and I’m into crossfit. I’m a huge douche about it too. I love knowing just how strong I’m getting & there’s no limit to how strong I can become.

8. I seem to collect jobs. I never seem to have just one job. I’m always doing as much as possible so I can become the best journalist in the entire world.

9. Sometimes blogs have passwords. The password is known only to me, and sometimes my PIC Erica. More about that here.

10. I only like books that are over 100 years old…and the Hunger Games & Harry Potter.

11. I’m unapologetically weird. I sing along with my iPod in public. I watch professional wrestling. I laugh at stupid things. I get overly excited about movies and my sense of humour is sarcasm and self depreciating. I’m cool with that.

12. I talk WAY too much.

13. I probably like my cats Peachy & Tacocat more than I like you or any other human.

14. This blog is the story of my life and my attempts to not screw it up. I screw it up a lot.

15. If you ever want to get in touch with me, or find me on social media and laugh @ my life in real time, you can find out how by clicking HERE.

This is my world, I’m sure you’ll feel better about yours by comparison. I know I would. But no matter how weird things get, it is my world and I’m proud of it and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

15 thoughts on “About Me

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  3. When you say you don’t like geese are you talking about the animal or the SNK fighting game character?

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