Locked Out of Heaven



I actually didn’t buy this, I swear, but it’s hilarious.

It’s funny how something so minor can turn out to have such an impact on your life. My old friends & I were reconnecting & talking about an old Oujia board we played with when we were 17 years old. It predicted our future, we wrote it down & laughed hysterically. It told us how many kids we’d have, how many times we’d be married, what jobs we would have, etc.

…it was right about every single thing except two (which technically wouldn’t have happened yet).

I’m most certainly not saying that our entire destinies were shaped by an ancient hunk of wood my friend pulled out of an attic 10 years or so ago, but it certainly makes you think. About what, I’m not sure. Maybe that Sylvia Brown isn’t really a fraud (she is)?

It’s funny how this seemingly small event will bring about the most cataclysmic event in the history of forever; I’m going home…that’s right, by choice.

I hate my hometown. I pride myself on never setting foot in it pretty much ever again. Last time I was there, I set a timer to get out again! But, my old friends insisted its time I go home, spend time, etc. Maybe it is. Maybe I just proved the Mayans are right.

But it’s proof that a seemingly minor event can trigger an important thought. Something that seems so small, like a conversation or a person in an elevator will make you realize that you need to go home (figuratively or literally). This brings me back to the idea of Observe & Report. Look around, see what you’re doing…really doing. Observe your surroundings & see what the next step is for you (apparently mine is to back to the bane of my existence hahaha).

…or you can buy a haunted Ouija Board & it’ll direct you. There’s on eBay.