Never Close Our Eyes

“Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.”

After a series of events this week that border on bizarre, it’s hard not to believe in something.

I think it’s very arrogant to believe that there is nothing out there, that we simply evolved from a lower life form and that’s it. While I believe we as a species need to evolve to survive the elements, the idea that there is no higher power, nothing helping us find our place in the world is a little sad. I see no harm in the belief in something more, something better, something that wants us to be happy.

But faith is a tricky thing. Even those who do not believe in the idea of God believe in something. They believe in the universe, they believe in their family, they believe in a man/woman. Everyone has faith in someone or something. We have faith that our partners care about us, faith in ourselves that we are doing the right things, faith that everything will turn out as it should. Faith, nothing but pure faith, a simple belief and conviction that we are right and everything will be wonderful when all is said and done.

While faith can be misguided, when paired with perception, it will take you far. Faith is the feeling that you are right when the world is against you, perception helps you see it can be a reality. So, faith isn’t really a believe in nothing. It’s a belief in something, something that is tangible and maybe even real, even if at that moment everything looks hopeless. That’s what guides most of us through hard times, the faith, the idea that it will get better, maybe even wonderful when all of the hard times are over. So, the idea of faith isn’t so bad; it’s a solace, a comfort for all of us.

So, while maybe you do not have belief in a God, you have a belief in something and that belief will guide you. You could be wrong, but nobody knows that, least of all you. So, hold firm to your beliefs, and stand true to them, because in the end, it’ll all work out exactly as it’s supposed to, right or wrong, right away…or eventually.