Uncertainly Certain

Everyone has a path in life that takes them somewhere.

I’m a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason and in the end, we don’t choose where we end up. The universe puts things in place and we simply follow the path, believing that we are in control. But in the end, we will subconsciously do the things that put us back on the right road, the one that leads us to where we actually belong.

I’m a law student; I’m a terrible one. Don’t get me wrong, I try really, REALLY hard but I pretty much suck at life as a law clerk. While I will continue to work towards the goal because (as we learned HERE) quitting is for pussies, but I struggle and it frustrates me. However, when I sit down to write for my magazine or here at this blog, I create things easily and it makes me happy. I may veer off of the path, but in the end, that’s where I belong.

It’s the same in everything. We veer off of the path and we end up where we don’t belong. Meanwhile, our subconscious brings us back to the thing we really want, the place we’re supposed to be. No matter how hard I try, I will never truly excel at a career path that is not writing. It’s the same with everything in life. Relationships, friendships, jobs, everything. Eventually, life will put us where we belong.

We can’t avoid what is meant to happen, no matter how hard we try. I know I’m pretty stubborn and will do my best to avoid reality. I’ll throw myself into projects, avoid avoid avoid, whatever it takes to make sure that I can say that the things I am doing are the right things. But there is no escape from what’s meant to be. In the end, our minds will take us back to it and in the end, we will end up right where we’re supposed to; with the right job, with the right person, in the right time in the right way. Because when all is said and done, we cannot escape what it meant to happen.

So, I tend to just float down my road and see where I’ll end up. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the ride and know in the end, everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to.