I Want It That Way

I’m a rather unconventional parent.

I respond to my children’s tantrums by telling them to step up their game if they want an Oscar, I ask them what their major malfunction is, & I summon their attention using soccer hooligan calls & I sometimes send them to the mythical kingdom of “outside.”

They’re well behaved, articulate, imaginative children, so either I’m doing something right, or they’re thriving in the face of adversity. However, I’m learning lessons from my children as much as (I hope) they take from me, most recently my 5yo daughter.

I won’t go into detail, but the kid is…weird. She wants to win the “Hungry Games” & plots world domination. She’s weird. So, I embrace her weirdness. Heck, I brag about her weirdness! I think we should all be weirder!

I have a friend who admits she sometimes dislikes going out with Drew & I because we sing along with the mall radio, use Swedish accents @ Yögen Früz & I wear a Pikachu hoodie. She asked what people think. Oh…was I supposed to…care? I cared what someone thought for my entire adult life & then I lost my identity. My middle child reminded me that it’s okay to be weird. How can I encourage her to be herself if I won’t be? So, I’m the girl who sings with her iPod in public without thinking, who debates with Siri & skips. I’m the Geek Goddess who can navigate the Kingdom of Hyrule better than a real map & that’s okay. For the last two years, I’ve reclaimed my personality & while its unconventional, it’s certainly fun!

Why not embrace what makes you weird as it likely makes you awesome? There are 7 billion people on this planet, why be just one of the drones? My child may be weird but you’ll remember her, because she captivates you with her eccentricities. I’d rather be someone who stands out than just another person. There’s a line in my new favourite song that goes “She’s a beautiful girl in her own little world” & that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell (well, not the first part, most def the second. Absolutely the second).

So whether you want to create a religion for squirrels, wear your one piece Dino pyjamas everywhere you go, wear eye makeup even though you’re a boy or walk the mall in your My Little Pony sweater over & over again, embrace your weirdness. Love it. After all, the greatest minds of our generation were absolutely nuts! So, be unique, be weird. It’s more fun that way.

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