Love Is A Verb

P!nk wrote the truth about love, the Huffington Post wrote about the lies.

The article (found HERE) details that once the squishy feeling wears off, that love is a choice, an action. That sometimes we have to work at love, be there when we don’t “feel like” being there, and that real love is the pull to be near that person, even when it’s all wrong.

My foster father told me the key to love was putting their needs over your wants & that you don’t just sign up for the parts of love you like. Sometimes there are parts in your life together that SUCK. But, like the article said, too many people walk away as soon as things are less than ideal because they don’t have that squishy, romantic “you complete me” love. They see the “you’re teaching me how to evolve as a person & grow with you” as something less than the all consuming love we are taught in fairy tales & cast it aside because we are taught to look for Cinderella & the Prince, not the calm, “it just is.”

Of course, real love pulls you back. Over & over. Whether its creeping their FB page or blog when you’ve let go ( more on that later this week) or sticking through & working through the crap (like so many couples have done), real love’s pull will always come through.

Love is also a choice. You can’t choose who you love, but you can choose to love them, even when they suck or screw up. It’s not blind devotion; it’s seeing what is & making the choice to accept them for who & what they are.

Love is a more than a feeling; it’s an action & a choice & worth all of hard work… If you’re willing to put it in.

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