My World

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”


I’m a screw up.

If something can be good for me; I’ll ruin it. If it can be broken; I’ll break it. If it can be walked into, fallen off of (including my own heels) or tripped over; I will find it! I have mastered screwing up to some kind of science, especially if its something good. I will wreck that faster than Wreck-It Ralph!

I used to lament the fact that my super power was ruining everything until I remembered that my foster father always stressed that everyone messes up, it’s what happens next that counts.

We all make mistakes; they haunt us & no matter how hard we try, we continue to be haunted by poor choices & how badly we messed up everything. We don’t know how to put it all back together, because we have to admit we were wrong & we often mistake the admission of messing up with some form of weakness or giving up some kind of control. Truthfully, having the strength to say “I effed up” & accepting the lumps (even if its losing everything you’ve ever wanted) is an important character traits.

Why let a mistake haunt you to the point where you’re unnerved? Why not just admit you effed up & try to put it all back together? Humans will always mess up, but you don’t want to end up having ruined the best parts of your life because you can’t just admit you were wrong.

So, while I’m an epic screw up, I’ll always admit I’m an epic screw up. I’ll continue to try to make things better & screw it up more & ruin everything (despite my best intentions to make it better). Maybe one day I’ll get something right. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “My World

  1. This reminds me of a quote I have seen in Pinterest…essentially it says we are defined by how we rise after falling. And this is what I know about you…you always rise. Always.

  2. Totally relate to this… But you know what.. I also believe every single thing happens for a reason… And those “mistakes” are meant to happen to bring you to exactly where u are now 🙂

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