Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.”

Ah, love.

The trick of the heart to fool the mind!

I write a lot about love, whether I’m in love at the time or not. Regardless of where I am in a relationship, whether I’m single or with someone, love will always be the number one topic on this blog.

I guess it’s because it’s a force I believe in so strongly, this love thing. The idea that someone can want you, need you, feel some completeness by being near you, is just such an interesting thing to me. Obviously, as a mom I understand the unconditional love that comes with knowing this tiny little person loves you, just for being you. But the idea of romantic love intrigues me because it doesn’t make sense. We search for it, find it, destroy it, analyze it to death & rarely nurture & enjoy it. We reserve our cruelest actions for those who love us most (& we love the most) as if we know they’ll forgive us instead of protecting them. Our books & films are full of tortured romances, all ending with the wedding, which is in reality the beginning of the story, not the end. We build it up in our minds, then our soulmate isn’t the person we dreamed on paper & we leave. We build our partner up to believe we’re unworthy & execute our self fulfilling prophecy. Only the lucky few who are willing to fight for love & their partner end up with that elusive happy ending. So, regardless of my place in life, I’ll always write about the pursuit & desire to be truly loved.

We’ve all felt the pain & rejection of someone who didn’t return our love. The knowledge that every word they ever said was some big fat lie & you just don’t understand how they didn’t care. They coldly rejected you & didn’t look back.

But the fact is, you cannot hide from love if it exists. You can pretend, you can erase every memory of them from your life. You can throw out their things, sell their gifts, erase, deny, & hide to the point where even the person who swore they would never give up on you gives up on you. But then you will betray yourself. You won’t even realize it, but you’ll do something, a small something & someone else will catch it…& it’ll be known.

You can’t escape your heart, no matter how hard you try & eventually, your heart will betray you & you’ll be trapped in a mess of your own making, a mess that you could be permanently trapped in if you wait too long.

Love is a trick the heart plays on the mind while our minds try to trick our hearts into thinking we will be fine without it. In the end, the heart will win because emotion isn’t ruled by logic & logic can be bested by emotion.