My bestest friend Erica told me to post this on my blog today. I told her I had nothing to write about, but she threatened to be a ghost writer if I didn’t write about something. So, I’ll write about why she’s so great. 

She’s the coolest, least judgmental person in the world. She respects my decision making. She trusts my judgment. She feels the same way I do about grammar. If you hurt any of her friends, expect her to go full mama bear. We promised my teenager that we’d go to Texas to hang with her daughter if she got straight A’s, & she is kicking ass at school. She’s pretty rad. And she knows I’m not totally comfortable blogging lately, so she tells me to write stuff or she’ll do it for me. She knows how important my blog is to me, that it was the first place I found where I thought what I said mattered after years of being silent and Stepford like. So, like a good friend, she challenges me to be better, a better writer, a better friend. 

Mostly, she finds things & thinks they’ll speak to people. I know, because they speak to me. And she wants everyone to be happy, even if she doesn’t agree with it. Oh, and she REALLY hates anyone who treats people poorly. Chances are, if she wants nothing to do with you, that’s why. 

Any who, this was her super cool meme that she wanted me to share. We had a whole chat about it on FB. We both thought it was something lots of people might want to read. You can totally read it (unless one or both of us have blocked you on FB). And since she’s having a cruddy day, maybe it cheered her up. If I missed the mark, she can expand in the comments while leaving her meme for you to enjoy. But any opportunity to discuss why Erica is great works for me. 

Day 11: Favourite Quote

I have many, most of them are by Oscar Wilde or Edgar Allen Poe. However, my all time favourite quote was said by the wisest person of all. He was brilliant, yet often dismissed for being dumb. He was fat shamed, bullied & his ideas largely discredited. He associated with misfits; his best friends had anxiety issues, OCD & Schitzophrenia, Dyslexia & of course, a serious case of Biploar Disorder. But he learned through those friendships, & one could learn more about unconditional love, life & happiness from this wise peron than any psychologist or self help guru in the world.


Say Something

I can’t sleep in hotel rooms well (not that I sleep well on a good day. Useless MH fact, I get wicked insomnia & suffer from night terrors or at least really vivid nightmares. Stress means no sleep. Looking at houses all weekend is stressful). My mind always ends up wandering to weird places. So, I’m gonna jot it all down & pretend it makes sense.

Throughout our lives, we’ll be happy. We’ll be sad. We’ll be epic douchebags. This is everyone. This is life. Throughout our lives we’ll pretend to be happy when we’re sad. We’ll use sad to make excuses for being douchebags. It’s a circle.

But through all of these moments, who was with is through it all. When you were happy, who was by your side? Who was with you for a little while during your sadness but once you hit bottom, walked away? Who got sick of your douchebaggery & left?

Part of life is owning your douchebaggery, something I’ve tried to do. Owning your pain. Creating your own happiness. But humans need each other too. So, think about everyone you’ve ever met. Who did you stand beside during their douchebaggery? Who did you walk away from? Who stood with you In your joy but left you in pain? When you were your cruellest, who (did the right thing for them) left you behind because you were a dick & who silently endured your cruelty & hopes you find joy?

Hopefully, when you think of the list of people who were there in your joy, held you through your sadness & took your douchebaggery with grace as you took theirs, your list has your parents & siblings, your best friends & your soulmate. I know mine has most of those. If not, then I truly feel sorry for you, as you have no true emotional connections.

We all go through periods of awesome & periods where we’re an awful person. However, it’s comforting to know that sometimes, there are people who will love all of that, if this makes any sense @ all, because I feel like it doesn’t.

Of course, even those who leave you (or you leave behind) are still connected to you, because hate & love are connected. Hate is love enraged. You are so angry with the person you love that you loathe them for not being what you believed they could be or what you wanted to mold them into. The absence of love is indifference. I learned this post-marriage when I hated him for all he did & continued to do. Then one day, I didn’t care anymore. Same with two friends, one I despised for betraying my trust. Loathed him. Now I see it was my love for him as a person that made me hate; I felt like he was not the person I thought & I felt let down. The other, I actually have thought “I hope she’s well,” when she’s mentioned, but I just don’t think we’re meant to be close friends. I think we bring out negative traits in each other.

I think I’m done rambling, as this didn’t make me any sleepier & I don’t think it makes sense. So, I’ll leave it with a quote that I think explains my thought process better.

There is no such thing as a “broken family.” Family is family, and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, those people are your family. And if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because whatever you hate will always be with you.



I realized that I used to question people’s motives. Why are you calling me? What do you want? When are you going to hurt me? This affected my interpersonal relationships because I was very easily swayed. I was skittish, because I felt like I couldn’t make choices on my own. So, my best friend said that this person is being a jerk, don’t trust them, keep this person out, etc. I trusted everything they said like the Gospel, because, after all, I was the dippy girl who kept getting into trouble. Then I learned that my “best friend” lied to me about pretty much everything. This made me question everything; how I reacted to certain situations, people, etc. Were those my fears, or planted fears of a pessimist?

I’m not a pessimist. I’m an optimist. I love believing in goodness & second chances & third & ten millionth chances. We all eff up sometimes. We all act like assholes sometimes & we want another chance. So, blind trust or not, I’ll believe that anyone who comes into my life (or comes back in) has the best of intentions. If I’m wrong, maybe they will the next time or the next. I don’t want to be a cynic. I want to trust people. Maybe not as much as I do (I leave my phone laying on my work kiosk ALL OF THE TIME), but I will trust my inner circle…& my own instincts.

So, maybe it’s blind trust, or blind faith. But I’d rather believe in the goodness of people than be the person who believes everyone is out to screw you over. I don’t want to become cynical & jaded like so many others & if I get hurt, it’s my cross to bear. So, I’ll learn to trust people by trusting them & allowing them to earn it back as many times as needed. Maybe I’ll get rocked once in awhile, but I’ll retain my faith in humanity.