48 To Go

As I continue to work towards my fitness goals (down 40.5lbs), I’m learning how much money I waste on…well, crap food.

A little progression pic. See my 40lbs loss...and my various phones.
A little progression pic. See my 40lbs loss…and my various phones.

Between my Tim Horton’s Tea and my Starbucks chai tea and my restaurant lunches on paydays, I’m not eating as well as I should be, especially if I want to lose the last of the weight. I’m over halfway to my goal and I’ve dropped two sizes and plan to drop two more, as well as get stronger. Eating that crap is not going to help me. Not to mention it’s pricey and with summer coming, I want to be able to take the girls on a much needed and well earned family vacay to the zoo, as the overlord has been waiting since she was two years old to see hopping kangaroos. Not to mention that in the next three months, I will be attending a WWE Live event and “Queen” Katy Perry with the littles, as well as Queen and Ed Sheeran with friends (still accepting offers for someone to accompany me to see Ed Sheeran. You get to spend my birthday with me and go to Ed Sheeran for free, as my friends are all “I don’t like him, he’s a hobbit.” Jerks), so having the extra cash would be nice.

In order to finally kicking the junk food habit, I’m imposing my #29DaysJunkFoodFree. From June 1 – 30/14, with the only exception being the soon to be teen’s birthday, I’m going to cut out all junk food, fast food, caffeine, and alcohol. I’m going to put the money I would have spent in a jar to see how much money I waste on junk food. Obviously I’ll need to find some workarounds, as my coworkers are planning a team outing (so I’ll have to order salads and drink water), but I will not eat fast food, or chicken wings, or drink, or have any caffeine. I’ll see how much of a difference it makes on my weight loss goals as well as on my wallet. I’m going to hopefully lose more weight while fattening up my wallet.

This just cracks me up...and will help me kick cupcakes.
This just cracks me up…and will help me kick cupcakes.

Part of trying to live better is taking accountability for what I eat. Cutting out junk food and caffeine and restaurant foods will help me live longer by cutting out excessive fats and unhealthy foods, but it’s going to put money back into my pocket, which will help me support my family. I have friends trying it with me, with each picking one exception day and we’re all going to go #29DaysJunkFoodFree. I hope to see awesome results and get one step closer to living healthy and well and teaching my kids to teach them healthy eating habits too.


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  1. Looks like you are almost in the middle of your no junk food, caffeine, etc. challenge. I hope it is going well. It’s a lot to give up at once, so if you slip on one, keep going with the rest. Or erase it and move forward! Never give up! Fall seven times, get up eight!! Thanks for posting! Very motivational>

  2. Great work, keep it up! Can I offer something that works for me…switch the mentality about junk food. Instead of Junk food Free…keep reminding (convincing) yourself that you prefer healthy options. It becomes a habit over time and you’ll feel great knowing that you’re choosing your “preference” and not depriving yourself!

  3. You are doing amazing! It is not easy to lose weight!! I wish i could go junk food free, but i do not think i have the will power to do it.

  4. It is my dream to stay fit, slim and healthy, and no matter how much you spend, it is worth it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    cc. Richelle Silbaugh

  5. This is great. You’re doing an amazing job, Keep it up. I will going to share this with my sister to motivate her. Thanks for Sharing.

  6. I admire your hard work and dedication. I should probably do your junk food free challenge. I need it.

  7. Congratulations on your progress. My husband and I eliminated junk foods (except caffeine – I won’t give up my morning coffee) from our diet last year. We feel so much better when we try to eat as naturally as possible.

  8. Congrats on what you have already accomplished. You are looking great and keep up the great work. Looking forward to see more. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You are doing a fantastic job. I can see your progress and the weight you’ve lose on the photos. Keep up the great job.

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