Next In Line

“People just take everything they can from something until there’s nothing left.”

Word, corporate law teacher, word.

(I know what you’re thinking, holy crap! MHC paid attention in corporate law AND retained information! Yes kids, it happens sometimes. Okay, rarely. Fine, the Mayans were right)

However, it’s true. We’re a society of takers. We all take what we can until a person is sucked dry & then we move along to the next victim until there’s nothing left.

Well, not everyone. There are the rare few left that give. My partners Drew & Dawna are two of the most loving & giving people that I know. I know others that are the same way. Some give too much. Drew often chastises me for my nature to give. I love helping people. I love making people happy & well, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’m kind of a doormat. Doormat or not, I refuse to be less than what I am; nice. Nice to a fault. The person who gives a million chances, the person who gives money to the homeless guy, buys groceries for the church & apologizes for everything. I know it sounds odd, but I’m afraid that if someone takes my child-like belief in mankind, then I’ll become that which I despise; those selfish, miserable, lonely people who lash out at those who love them & think only of what they want in that moment & not of the greater good. I refuse to become one of those cynical people, so I shall continue to be who I am; the doormat.

We live in a society of selfish people. When our supposed besties are at their lowest, that’s when we need to “focus on ourselves” because they’re infringing upon us. When our family members need a hand, we’ll help…begrudgingly & well, we’ve all heard the grumblings from people when we need help moving.

Why are we like this? Why are we all about the me & less about the we? We love the camaraderie that comes from having friends but can’t be bothered when they’re down. We look down on those who need help like they just asked us to hug & kiss poisonous snakes. While I’m overly nice, others are too selfish. Maybe we need to find a balance; be kind, don’t judge, give to others, be extra kind to those who have given us the best of themselves. Stop taking & give a little back.

Maybe we should think about what we put out there & what we’re taking vs what we’re giving back. If the answer is that you’re a psychic vampire, taking & taking until you’ve destroyed everyone you’ve ever met, then you need to reevaluate, reflect & redirect until you find that balance that we all need.