I like to pretend that the stuff I write matters.

I like to pretend that when people read my blog, they learn something new about their own lives or about me or about the world. I like to pretend that these words stick out in people’s minds & make them think.

I like to pretend that when I write letters to people, that those words matter. They ponder them, they feel something, it makes sense & suddenly, everything is clear again.

This is because words matter to me; written, spoken, read. Those words impact me long after they’re gone. I believe each word like its Gospel & I recognize their power. Words have the power to make people happy, make them sad. Words have the power to make people think, change their opinions, fall in love. Words have the power to hurt, especially when no longer spoken.

Perhaps it’s my own inflated sense of self, but I shall continue to pretend that people care what I write, even if no one does. Why? Because I care. I don’t hold back, I don’t fear what happens once they’re out there & I care that my thoughts have a voice, even if it’s at the wrong time, in the wrong way.

One thought on “Pretending

  1. Well…if we are pretending. Then let’s just pretend that I think every thing you write is absolutely wonderful. I learn from you every day. Your words lift me up…they encourage. By writing one true sentence at a time…you transform my life daily. Pretending as we are, I’ll tell you that I believe words are power. Every single word…put in print, spoken, even thought…matters. Your words matter, at least, they do when we pretend. Your words have many times etched themselves into my soul…they have healed, they have given new life to the very words that are hidden in my heart. Words just waiting to be put together and pour out…to perhaps do the very same thing to someone else that your words do to me. Oh, and one more thing…I’m not pretending. I mean every single word I just wrote. Love you. Today. Always. Erica

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