It Is What It Is

Writing is my life.

It’s my therapy. It’s my passion.

My blog is sometimes a therapy session onto itself. Sometimes I write things in the moment & protect them so that I can restructure my thoughts later & publish them.

This blog has helped me through some pretty awful times in my life & will continue to be for the forseeable future. It’s stupid, but I feel that writing heals all pain. Writing that ill timed letter may seem stupid, but it’s my closure. Blogging about my life & determination to find my place in the world might seem strange, but I’m usually quick to learn that there are a hundred other people also trying to find their place in the world. Maybe we’ll all figure it out together.

When I struggle, I write. It helps me clear my mind & remember that the universe sorts it all out, makes it all right in the end & we just have to be patient & wait for the answers to come.

So, thanks to those who read this blog, listen to me cry, hold me when I hurt, laugh with me when life is awesome & remind me that everything will be alright. You make everything better & I love all of you more than you’ll ever know.

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