If I Could

There’s something to be said for “Do nothing” days.

I am a sucker for random adventures and zaniness and spontaneity.  My foster father was the best for random adventures. From snow days spent bowling or that Tuesday afternoon trip to a museum just because the sun was shining and we were all home, there was never a dull moment and it was amazing.

While I love random adventures, I’ve developed an appreciation for the days where we do absolutely nothing. Normal activities like baking with the littles followed by curling up with the love of my life while he watches baseball have become absolutely wonderful.

I never used to enjoy sitting at home. Maybe it’s because home was such an ugly place for me. There were fights or a moody someone griping about everything from how there was nothing on  TV to the messy kitchen to the hole in the wall (that he put there). When I first ventured out on my own, I wanted to do as many activities or adventures with the girls to make up for the fact that their home was broken. I almost felt like if I did as much as possible, I would make up for this horrible sin of destroying their family, although now I realize their family is still intact, only different. Once I went back to school and my life became hectic, I developed an appreciation for doing nothing. Sometimes just sitting with the girls and watching a movie or making dinner with them is as rewarding as our once many out of the house adventures.

I think we all need a do nothing day sometimes. It gives us perspective and a chance to just enjoy the small things that we don’t always get a chance to enjoy. We all need a day of playful banter, silliness, laughter or that moment where you’re in the arms of the person that you love and you realize everything is right in your little world.

I’m one of those people who spends so much time trying to do everything right that I sometimes forget to just…be. Sometimes we have to just “be” in order to do everything right.  Just enjoy the moments life hands us for a little while and do nothing. We work so hard to make life work that sometimes we forget to just enjoy the life we’ve built!

So, take it from this workaholic crazy person who generally forgets to breathe or eat; spend one day doing nothing. Just loaf around the house, play with the kids or hang out with some friends. Actually take a moment to enjoy the life you’re building. It’ll either help you realize what you need to work on to make yourself happy, or you’ll be reminded of how wonderful it really is.

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