My all time favourite morning show (89X Radio’s Dave and Chuck the Freak) had the results of a survey for “The Perfect Man”.

Some of them were really laughable (must be 6ft tall and like football) while some made sense (care when she’s upset). Of course the criteria for “perfect” is subjective so I’m not really sure how this survey works.

The idea of “The perfect anyone” makes me giggle because “Perfect” is a very hard status to maintain, not to mention is robotic. Ladies, do you really want a man-bot, who says all of the right things and brings flowers on just the right day and does everything according to just the right plan? That sounds so…boring.

Everyone’s assessment of perfect is different. I have a good friend who married her husband on a whim on their fifth date. They will be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary later this month and have four beautiful children. To some, that sounds completely insane, but they are blissfully happy and for them, it’s perfect. 

These timelines and “dating norms” don’t really fit for individual relationships, so how will they help us find our soulmate? What if some people know they belong together after a week? Are they somehow “wrong” because they didn’t wait the standard six months for the “I love you” and moved in together after eight months and the proposal after one year? What if you aren’t ready to make the jump after five years? Are they “not as in love”?  What if you meet a person and he’s everything you wanted and then some, but he’s not six feet tall with brown eyes? I guess you’ll have to send him packing.

I’ve said it countless times; we need to ditch these surveys and Cosmo says and focus on finding the right person for us. I don’t need a magazine to tell me who’s right for me; I have a gay best friend for that (hahaha).  But we all know who we want and what we need and maybe we should stop looking for “perfect” and start looking for “perfect for us.”  Maybe they don’t watch football or have brown eyes. Maybe they aren’t six feet tall. However, if they make you feel loved and treat you the way that you want to be treated, then that should be perfect enough.