Not Like The Movies

It’s a very odd feeling and it will hit you like a ton of bricks the moment you’re least expecting it.

You know that feeling. The one where you’re sitting alone, likely working on something or doing housework and all of a sudden you stop and you realize that “it” has happened and you spend the next few seconds with your mind blown wondering how you didn’t realize this earlier and now, here it is.

You know the moment, the moment when you realize; everything is fine.

Everyone has been through their ups and downs in life. Everyone has gone through a struggling place with school, a relationship, etc. We’ve all cursed at the moon, ourselves wondering how the eff did we end up with this big mess surrounding us and how in the Hell are we going to get out of it. Then one day after months of uphill climbs and effort we realize that everything is fine. Maybe it’s better than fine. Maybe it’s freaking awesome.

For some of us, it takes a while to reach that point where we just stop worrying about the what ifs and realize there are no what ifs, only what will happen and the what will happen can only be good. I’m not saying “perfect” but “fine”. These are two very different things. Maybe we are working on some major things in our lives, but everything is fine because we know we have all the tools we need to succeed. Maybe we realize that we aren’t alone, we have someone who loves us who has our back in all things. Maybe we finally realize that we can do things for ourselves and the major things are actually minor, attainable things and we’ve been worrying about things that aren’t real.

I tend to worry about things that aren’t real. I am the master of inventing fictitious problems and then stressing about them until I drive everyone around me crazy. Deep down I think we all do it and it’s something that we all need to work on. Even if we don’t worry about made up problems, we worry about little things as if they are big things when there are big things that need our attention. We spend all of our time venting to friends about the small things and then try to tackle the big things alone.

So when we realize that everything is fine, we can stop worrying about the what ifs and the panic and focus on the what is. By focusing on the what is, we can be more open to the good that is happening. By accepting it just works, whether it’s a job, a relationship, or that damn toaster we keep fiddling with, we can free up our attention to making our lives happier.