30 Days of Truth Day 15 & 16

***Doubling up today!***

Day 15 : Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

There’s no one in this life that I can’t live without except for my daughters or maybe Drew. However, there is one person in my life I do not want to live without & that is my boyfriend.

There was no lightning bolt, love at first sight, soap opera romance. We were friends who became drawn to each other over the course of a few months. It spawned some hilarious conversations about dating & our preference to die alone & a perfect, passionate kiss on a rainy night that changed everything.

However, we both rushed in too fast & overwhelmed each other. I cancelled plans. He bolted, I cried. When the tears stopped, I resolved that I was done with dating, men & especially him. We would be friends but I was never going down that road again…

…that lasted nine days.

Neither of us could stand to be away from the other so we ended up back together. We’ve worked through our own insecurities as we go & we’re better together than apart.

He makes me calmer, happier. He makes me stand up for myself, he doesn’t baby me. He reminds me that I’m strong & “bad ass”, kisses me in a way that makes me forget my own name, when he sings I stop whatever I’m doing & blush & I like who I am so much better when he’s with me. I hope he feels the same way, I love it when he’s happy; it makes me giddy. Nothing makes me happier than curling up in his arms while we watch our girls play. It’s better than any date, adventure, or evening anyone could think of.

If this didn’t work, I could live without him. I just don’t want to, because I’m so much happier & content with him. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted & then some & I’m the luckiest woman in the world because he wants to be with me.

Day 16 : Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Geese. The end.

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