30 Days of Truth Day 13 & 14

***Because my Windsor Social deadline is coming up, I’m going to be combining posts where there are only a handful of sentences***

Day 13 : A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days.

Songs get me through, not artists

When I was in high school, Imaginary Friend (Chantal Kreviazuk) was my go to song when the teen angst got to be too much. It’s probably my all time favourite song to this day.

When I was ending my first engagement, I listened to Be Like That (3 Doors Down) & You Wanted More (Tonic). Stan was another song I listened to a lot.

When my marriage fell apart, I listened to the Katy Perry B-Side Part of Me & Back to Me (3 Doors Down). There were a few other songs, but those were the favourites.

Now it’s Come on Get Higher (Matt Nathanson). It reminds me of a specific memory of my boyfriend (more on that on day 24) & it makes me smile no matter how crappy the day gets & the girls aren’t around to brighten my day.

When my daughters were small, I sang to them. Each of them had a song I would sing to them each night, for Sydney it was Drops of Jupiter (Train), Addison it was When She Loved Me (Sarah McLachlan) & Hadley The Gift of a Friend (Demi Lovato) & The Messenger (Linkin Park).

Music is life. It gets me through everything, whether it’s something good, bad or just meh. Songs remind me of people, moments of time & it gets me through.

Day 14 : A hero that has let you down.

I’ve never really had a “hero”. I’ve admired people & they’ve disappointed me, but there’s never been someone I’ve idolized. I always wanted to be the person people looked up to, not another follower.