Just A Kiss?

Entertainment Weekly is compiling a list of the greatest movie kisses of all time (to see their selections, click here)

Is there any movie kiss more intense than the Notebook? While the movie itself may not be your cup of tea, that intense liplock preceeded by the now famous line “It wasn’t over, it’s still not over” is probably the most swoon worthy moment in film.

I think the reason that moment reasonates with so many people is that in that one second, it’s real. This couple has had the most passionate argument of their young lives and in that moment, the walls came down.

However, film “real” and real life real are dramatically different. I find the most intense relationships are usually the stormiest and the calm pond is usually boring. The key is to find the balance, much like Noah and Allie. The romance in that movie is lingering because of the reality. They weren’t perfect soulmates who came together. They fought. They didn’t see eye to eye. But they challenged each other every day so the calm was calm and the storms were more like heavy rain without the thunder, which was displayed perfectly in that rainy kiss.

Everyone in life has had that kiss that took their breath away. That moment that defined their romance or relationship. The moment that dramatically changed things between two people. Maybe it wasn’t in the rain surrounded by swans. Maybe you were all alone at home. Maybe you were in a restaurant. Maybe you were in a picturesque setting. But everyone has one moment that changed everything and when your relationship isn’t all it could be, you can look back at that moment and remember how you felt during that second.

A kiss can be just a kiss. Most of the time it is just a kiss. But sometimes in a rare while, a kiss is not just a kiss. It’s just a matter of knowing which one is which.