Time to Kick My Own Ass

May 31 came & went.

By the time the clock struck midnight, I was something I haven’t been in months: optimistic.

I’m not sure what brought about this change. Maybe it was a pep talk from my fellow MAMA’s helping me stay on the path of strength. Maybe it was lattes with Drew. Maybe it was a kind blog comment. Maybe it was a heart to heart with my best friend.

Whatever the reason I know the time for crying is over. It’s time to pull myself up from my the depths of Blahdom & reinvent myself as the strong and capable woman I know is in here somewhere.

There’s a few things that need to happen for this to work out. One of which is to stop eating Doritos & feeling sorry for myself. So I need to get back on the eating right & shaping up track. I’m going to buy myself a little black dress and work on getting into it. My trainers Doug & Melissa Jones are already helping me only now it’s a matter of remembering that I need to eat right. No more excuses, it’s time to shape up & slim down.

I know at this particular second, I’m not ready to date again. But I will be…soon. Obviously nothing serious, but I won’t be refusing anymore dinner invitations (unless you are gross). It’s time to start exploring the single life of MHC. I’m pretty happy on my own for now but I know as summer descends into autumn I’ll be ready to venture out into the world of dating. I’m not looking for a husband, I’m not looking for anyone. But I know when I find Mr Right, I’ll know & I don’t care if it’s six weeks from now or 10 years from now, I know he’s out there, he’s just gotta find me, as I’m not the hunting kind. Heck, maybe he’ll be right in front of my face & we’ll laugh about how blind we were.

Either way, I’m pretty okay with being on my own. I had my breakdown, my vent & my closure & now I’m gonna look forward to each new day with confidence, as I know I’m capable of handling the challenges.