Oh Kat Von D, You Lucky Gal!

Why more women aren’t lining up to marry Jesse James, I’ll never know.

Our favourite professional sleazeball penned an autobiography in which he reveals intimate details of his life with former wife Sandra Bullock. He also belittled her sexual prowess on Howard Stern, raving about his new fiancée Kat Von D.

Why do people do that? Why badmouth your former partner to make your new one feel better? Obviously you cared enough about them at one point to share your life with them, why disrespect them when it’s over?

My estranged husband is essentially a good person. He’s made some mistakes, mistakes that have put us where we are, but trashing him publically won’t make me feel better. It doesn’t relieve the hurt or confusion or anger; it only creates more hostility. Granted, no one should look to Jesse James as a relationship role model, but I still don’t get it.

What about new love? Doesn’t Kat Von D realize that someday she may be the butt of this man’s jokes if the relationship fails? Personally, I would question dating a man who trashes the woman he hurt & humiliated. I would assume he learned nothing & find someone who doesn’t suck.

I guess it’s about respect. If you cared enough once, respect their privacy now. Childish name calling only makes you look more like an ass and a guy like Jesse James doesn’t need anymore help looking like an ass.

2 thoughts on “Oh Kat Von D, You Lucky Gal!

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