Good Friends Make All the Difference

I’ve come to realize over the last year how important very good friends are and sometimes they can become more family than blood kin.

Last year my family & I went through some very difficult times. Marital and money problems were everywhere, a baby was on the way, and after my baby arrived, I was diagnosed with PPD. I was shocked as “good friends” bragged about how their life was “soooo much better” or straight up didn’t call. Family members openly mocked me & I was heartbroken and felt so alone. I was amazed & blessed that I developed a great support system from some amazing friends.

It’s funny how people can be friends for years, they attended your nuptials, the births of your children, but when you’re down, they can’t be found. Meanwhile, a girl you met @ bus stop, a coworker who’s living room you helped paint,the young lady you hired as a babysitter & a Vanilla Coke loving pilot will hold your hand while you cry. As I celebrated my birthday with this eclectic group, I realized how lucky I am to have many great folks in my life. From this group to my college chums who threaten recruiters on Twitter, I know that while Windsor may not provide me career satisfaction much of the time, I have found good people to enjoy life with.

So a shout out to my dear friends, who see me through so much, I love you. Make sure you let your besties know how great they are every once in awhile, they’ll be the ones in your corner when you’re backed into one.