I need to win an Oscar so I can do my job better

Academy Award winner (& epic failure) Kevin Costner took to congress this week to talk about the after effects of the BP oil spill.

This begs the question: how is a guy who can barely do his day job well going to talk environmental science?

Seriously, were all the real scientists busy that day?

Celebrities moonlighting as people with actual jobs has become a really odd trend. Brad Pitt and his paramour Angelina Jolie are designing houses in New Orleans instead of an actual architect because he likes houses. John Travolta fancies himself a commercial pilot. Victoria Beckham is the lunch lady at son Brooklyn’s school, you get the idea.

I understand celebrity worship but there comes a time when we need to let the academically trained professionals do their job. You wouldn’t let Tom Cruise fly an F-18 Hornet into Afghanistan or Tori Spelling operate on your colon, so why allow a celebrity to talk science or build houses for the needy?

I understand things “seem real” when Oprah’s involved, but sometimes you’ve got to tell the celebs to make a movie & let the professionals do their job. I know I would make a terrible movie, just like I know Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was a terrible editor of Marie Claire. Let’s all go back to doing our day jobs, unless you’re Kevin Costner, you suck at your day job too. Perhaps you should look at acting classes instead of taking more science classes at DeVry.