I just wanted a job

It’s no secret that I’m frustrated with my job. I’ve worked hard for two and a half years and have never gotten a promotion, just some consideration and an eff yourself. I can’t be stuck in a stationary position with no growth, no opportunity so I’ve explored options elsewhere.

There is another position at a centre that I’ve been told to apply for off and on for a year. I’ve interviewed with no luck, so I applied again. During a follow up call, the company’s recruiter lied about who he was, claimed a wrong number & hung up on me.

If they aren’t hiring; the recruiter could have told me, but he didn’t. He misrepresented himself, lied and humiliated me. If this is how they treat prospective employees, how do they treat employees?!

I’m seriously considering calling the Ontario Human Rights commission about this but I don’t know what they can do. A little politeness & honesty would have gone much further.