Watch Over You

I can’t sleep.

This is a fairly normal occurrence, so meh. However, I got thinking about how when I was little, I could read my favourite story & be out like a light.

My 3 year old doesn’t like being read stories. She likes to make them up. She recently invented her own fairy tale, which I use now to impart the lesson of the day.

Her kingdom is actually six kingdoms. Her kingdom is purple. Everything is purple; the streets, the castle, the river. She lives in her castle with her two sister princesses, her best friend & the king & queen. (who sits on a throne or does yoga) Her nana, the queen mum, lives in a tower & watches hockey. There is also a squirrel named Jumpy, who lives in a royal tree.

Her daddy is the guard of the brown kingdom that is ruled by her dad’s cat, who wears a kitty cat crown. The train kingdom is next, where her friend is the conductor prince. Then the ocean kingdom, where her friend the pirate prince & his mom the gypsy queen protect the seven seas. Her favourite uncle & his dog live in the rainbow kingdom, where everyone has nice shoes. Finally, her auntie rules the yellow kingdom with a mischievous princess that won’t get out of the pool.

All of the kingdoms lead to a village where a scary witch lives. Since there is no hands on in the kingdoms, the scary witch must be outsmarted. She generally helps me with her stories & we learn a lesson.

I thought I’d share this because I’m so proud of her @ 3years old for creating her little world. She spun this one day & she’s remembered all her details & continues to add on & create tales for her characters. I try to write them down & maybe someday she can tell her kids those stories & help them sleep @ night.

With video games & TV sapping the imagination of little ones, it’s nice to know that they can still pretend & create with their minds. I know that tomorrow, I can’t wait to learn more about the purple kingdom.