Famous Last Words

As we say goodbye to 2012 & enter 2013, we’re all gonna make a series of resolutions, promises, etc.

We won’t keep a single one.

We never do. It’s human nature. So, instead of resolutions, I’m going to list a bunch of lessons I’m gonna apply to my life in 2013. Perhaps they’ll help you too.

1. Always forgive those who have hurt you; intentionally or not.

2. Pride holds us back from where we belong. Swallow it.

3. Words said while angry may hurt, but binding yourself to them instead of admitting you spoke too harshly will cost you.

4. Never stop fighting for what you feel is worth fighting for, even if it means laying down your weapon & taking the blow.

5. The greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves; stop.

6. If its all you seek, it’s all you want. Claim it

7. The bravest admission you can make is that you were wrong.

8. What’s right is rarely popular. What’s popular is rarely right.

9. Be yourself, even if you’re a weirdo.

10. Love survives the coldest winters & the harshest storms. If its worth it, you’ll endure the hurricane for the calm.

That’s it. That’s all. I’m going to apply all of these in the hopes that I’ll continue on the road to being a better MHC. Otherwise, have a safe & happy 2013 from the ASH team!