Still Worth Fighting For

Ann Romney’s speech at the RNC both impressed and offended.

During her speech, the would-be first lady said that she & husband Mitt had a “real” marriage that had weathered ups & downs, not a fairy tale. Many pundits claimed that Mrs. Romney was taking a shot on the LGBT community with this statement.

I don’t claim to agree with Mrs. Romney’s stance on…anything but in this case, I think it’s a matter of reading too much into something.

Mrs. Romney was simply reminding us that a “real” relationship isn’t easy. Sometimes they’re damn hard. Sometimes you’re going to get frustrated & bitch to your friends (ad nauseum), sometimes you’re going to be upset with each other, sometimes you’re going to do dumb things & get mad & band together when things aren’t easy. But when you work together to get through the less than ideal times, you’ll make it through.

However, it seems like some people are determined to make EVERYTHING about them all of the time. This comment was simply Mrs. Romney’s way of reminding us that loving relationships take effort. They’re not like on TV, they aren’t perfect. There’s going to be hard times & you can make it through. However, if you’re determined to be offended, you will be.

The fact is sometimes people will look for reasons to be offended. They’re so obsessed with the idea that everything has to be about them at all times that they willingly put themselves into matters that don’t involve them just to be validated in their never ending quest for attention. If you shouldn’t be involved or you’re engaging in behaviour that would anger you if the roles were reversed, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. It’s no different than those groups who protest Ellen Degeneres advertising JC Penny simply on account of who she is married to. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t affect her ability to shill clothes. It’s really none of your concern. Chances are, if you’re flying on the defensive because of a simple question (or in the case of Mrs. Romney, a personal anecdote), you’re simply looking for a reason to be offended so that everything is about you.

The LGBT community has enough adversaries, including Mitt Romney. Let’s not invent scandal where there is none.