The Game

Today while walking to a doctor’s appointment, I had an interesting conversation with a guy needing directions. After asking for directions, he said he could use my phone number. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: my boyfriend doesn’t like me giving out my number to strange men.
Creepo: neither does my wife but what she doesn’t know–
Me: I love my boyfriend–
Creeper: love has nothing to do with this sweetheart.
Me: I respect my boyfriend…& your wife.

This guy was well dressed & drove a Mercedes so I’m guessing he’s not used to the word “no.” But this exchange made me feel badly for this man’s wife & reminded me why I’m fortunate to have my boyfriend.

He’s not perfect but he’s honest & faithful. I don’t have to worry when he’s not with me about who or what he’s doing & I trust him completely. I don’t need to hear from him every second to know “we” are okay (I may still check in, but that’s more because I like to know how he is than insecurity, i do it with my friends when I haven’t heard from them in a few days as well). I’m guessing this woman knows her husband’s a cad & panics whenever he leaves the house. My ex husband cheated on me during the course of our marriage & we could never really rebuild the trust. I can only imagine what this woman feels; judging by his confidence level, he has done it before.

What’s the point of wanting your cake & eating it too? All you do is degrade your partner & look cheap doing it. If you’re with someone, you’ve made a commitment to them, the least you can do is keep it in your pants. Don’t blame the other person, they owe you nothing. But your partner does & they should have the decency to not share their body with anyone else.

Relationships aren’t always easy. Sometimes you’re moody & not engaged & every little thing your partner does is driving you crazy. However, with communication, understanding & even space, you can get through those speed bumps together. No one said sharing your life with another person was easy; nothing worth it is easy. But if you can’t even show the person respect they deserve by not sleeping with someone else, then you don’t deserve their love.

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