Stand Behind The Music

I love music.

All of my blog posts are random song titles, either that fit with the topic or just happen to be on iTunes at the time.

One of my all time favourite singers Gavin DeGraw posted a question on Facebook today that made me smile.

The thing I love about music is that it brings back so many good feelings and memories with people I love. What song does that for you?

I got thinking about all of the songs that remind me of people or places or things. There are just too many to list but some of them just stick out. I’m sure you have some too. I decided to compile a list of the top songs that make me think about various things and hope that others will comment with some of the songs that fill their hearts with warm memories.

1. The Way – Fastball. This song reminds me of nights at the farm with my best friends in high school. We would listen to the radio, gossip on ICQ and generally cause mayhem. Everyone remembers the big parties, but my fondest memories involve the three of us talking about cute boys (that I look @ now and think “REALLY?!”) N’Sync and of course, how we’d all stay close after high school. It didn’t happen that way, but we’ve reconnected through social networking and we’re rediscovering our friendship as single moms. However, I’ll never hear this song and not think about the ferrets and the lizards and the adventures we had.

2. Companion (Lay Me Down) – Wide Mouth Mason. Oh Prom! Memories! That’s about it. It was a fun night, with good friends, dancing, and some hijinx. This song reminds me of that last summer, when curfews didn’t matter and we were all young and irresponsible. The next summer I was a mom, so this was my last crazy summer. I still have amazing summers, they’re just different. Now it’s trips to the splashpad instead of alcohol soaked road trips and truthfully, I like it that way.

3. Let It Rain – Amanda Marshall. My all time favourite song. It means so much more to me now that I was blessed enough to interview Ms. Marshall. But this song will always take me back to my youth, singing in my bedroom with a hairbrush, singing in the school gym, nervously belting during auditions. When I saw her in concert, she mentioned looking up to the people we posted pictures of in our bedrooms, well Ms. Marshall, that was you.

4. Drops of Jupiter – Train. This song reminds me of the birth of my oldest daughter. I was young and watching Dawson’s Creek and holding my newborn baby daughter in my arms and suddenly it hit me that I was responsible for this little life in front of me. It was weird and frightening and yet I was so proud to be her mom. I always am taken back to that place when I hear that song.

5. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes. After my former best friend stopped talking to me, my best friend in the world Drew told me that we were going to listen to the happiest song on the radio and sing poorly and laugh and forget he ever existed. So we did…and we did. I still think of Drew’s awesomely off key belting and laughing whenever I hear this tune.

6. Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson. My boyfriend likes to drive and sing along with the radio. I love to accompany him. After our first trip away together, I was falling asleep in the car and he started singing along with the radio and I actually stopped my endless chatter (in the hopes to stay awake) and listened to him, blown away by how amazing he sang. He once joked that I would get a great delight to hear him sing and he was absolutely right. When I heard him sing, I realized just how much I was in love with him and how lucky I was to have him.

7. Soldier – Gavin DeGraw. There is no specific memory here, just a variable mishmash of memories that remind me of my boyfriend. From random drives in the county, the nights we spent talking in the dark, romantic dates or kisses in the cold night air, this song makes me think of him and smile.

8. Half Moon – Blind Pilot. This song takes me back to five minutes one day in April. We were watching the cheesiest of the cheesy CW shows (One Tree Hill) and it was playing in the background when I was told “I’ll love you forever because you’ll do anything to make me happy.” Lame? A little bit. But it still makes me happy.

So, this begs the question; what songs make you happy?

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