It seems like when it rains; it pours.

I’ve noticed almost all of the most important players in my world had their asses kicked by life over the last month. Life’s done a couple of rounds on me this last week as well. It’s almost like we’re in this together, when we’re happy, we’re all happy but when crap busts loose, it busts loose for everybody.

Maybe it’s karma’s way of reminding us not to take the amazing things we have in life for granted. If we complain or worry too much about something, it’ll get taken away because we never appreciated it, like the house we were happy in but complained about or the job we didn’t like but paid us well. Maybe it’s trying to show us that if we want something badly enough, we’ve got to work at it or have a trial by fire to make it happen because otherwise, we idealize it in our minds. & it seems so easy. Maybe life dumps on everyone together so that we can all band together to make things good again. It’s always nice to know when things get sucky that people love you enough to help you and care enough to drop everything and be right by your side. Knowing you’re not in things alone goes a long way when you’re trying to feel better, whether it’s a phone call, a drive around town looking for signs, or that hug the other person so desperately needs.

Sometimes, there’s nothing we can do to help each other. Sometimes their hardships need to be handled independently and while it sucks, we have to wait until the right time to help them. All we can do is be their sounding board and hope to goodness we’re saying all of the right things. However, sometimes there is no right or wrong thing, just the only thing. Sometimes, all we can do is open the door and smile, hold the other person tight and tell them “Everything’s going to be alright.” It may not be alright in the long run, but in that moment, everything is all right and sometimes, that means more than all of the advice, therapy and offers to smash things in the world.