Since her dimwitted turn on her “reality” show Newlyweds, Jessica Simpson has been lampooned in the media for her questionable choices.

Most recently, her choice in name for her daughter (Maxwell Drew) has turned heads. Maxwell is fiance Eric Johnson’s middle name, which makes one wonder if she was secretly hoping for a boy. Everyone from random bloggers to author Tucker Max have weighed in on the name, which is only slightly better than cousin Bronx Mowgli Wentz.

While it’s really none of our business what a person names their child, we all do it. Whether it’s a co-worker who gives their child an unusual name or a best friend, we all question what someone names their child. I know my middle daughter’s middle name was a point of contention with my former in laws (I’m not a fan of it either, but her father liked it, so that’s what it is) to the point where my former mother in law refused to stitch it on a sampler for her because she hated it just that much. Another friend of my former husband commented that my youngest child’s name sounded like a porn star (I disagreed).

Why do we think this is any of our business? Do we really think our opinions are that important that we should help people name their child? After all, we’re also going to nitpick at how we raise said child, what they wear, what they feed them, etc. Maybe we should all just back off a little bit and let people raise their kids in peace. Naturally, when they’re in the public eye, we’re going to ask “WTF?” especially when they name their children after fruit, colours, et al, but perhaps we should raise the eyebrows and if we have nothing nice to say, say nothing. I know I wouldn’t want the general population mocking my child’s name.

Of course, I’ll be guilty of this in a few months, when another celebrity has a child and names it something I personally find completely ridiculous and I’ll have to go back to my blog and remind myself that I posted this, because I’ll want to ask if they named the tot while Mom was still on the drugs.