Farewell, Friend

This morning started out as any other.

Headed to the doctor’s office, enjoyed a RockStar, worried about missing class, whined about being sick, standard fare.

Then I learned that a former co-worker & friend had suddenly passed away. I was floored & heartbroken for her family & her team.

She was a really cool lady, one of the first friends I made when I came back from mat leave. She was a loving mom & grandmother and we swapped stories about our littles. She cared about everyone & when I left & she told me to keep in touch, she actually meant it. Every time I would walk past my old work, she greeted me with a smile & a hug & we talked each other’s ears off. One thing that brought me comfort about my potential return was the thought of working with her every day again.

She fought for her team, stood toe to toe against management to help them. Helped you when you had no idea what you were doing & never made you feel stupid. She was everyone’s friend, mother figure & another friend & I were working out a coffee date with her, which will never come.

So, thank you dear Wendy, for being a part of my life. You were a classy, smart, thoughtful & kind woman & I learned more than workplace procedure from you. I learned poise & tact, two things I’m not always the best at. You touched the lives of everyone at Sutherland and beyond & we’re all going to miss you & your sage advice & quick wit.

Our loss is Heaven’s gain. Your memory will live on in your children, your beautiful grandchildren. It’ll live on in the memories of every life you touched, which were many & I hope to meet you again someday when my journey is over.