I Have You To Thank

Today is National Compliment Day!

I think everyone should take a moment to tell someone in their lives that they’re amazing. So often people spend time cutting each other down, even in jest, so a pick me up would be nice.

With that in mind, thanks to my readers for reading. It makes me smile to think you waste valuable seconds of your life reading my blog. That’s amazing & it means a great deal to me.

To my friends, supporters, well wishers & beau, you’re in my life for a reason. I’m thankful that you play the role you do in my life. You all make me so very happy that you’re here & I hope you know how awesome you are.

To the people who don’t like me, I hope you have a good day all the same. Life’s too short to be negative!

I hope that picked you up! Let’s make every day compliment day! We’d be much happier!