This Blog Saved My Life (30 Things)

Hash tags amuse me.

The latest Twitter craze is “30 Things About Me”. How DOES one condense that into 140 characters? I couldn’t, but I’m long winded.

I started thinking about whether or not I could come up with 30 facts about myself that people don’t already know. I’m pretty much an open book and if someone wants to know something, they could just ask. But it still seemed like an interesting idea, so I decided to compile a list.

1. I’m afraid of E.T. For real.

2. Tim Burton is my personal Jesus. My goal in life is to interview him.

3. I love candles. They’re all over my house and are lit constantly once my daughters go to bed. I find them strangely soothing.

4. I sleep with a little blanket on my bed. It once belonged to someone very important to me who is no longer with me and I miss them a little less because it’s there.

5. I hate silence. Literally hate it and will babble to avoid it. When I was a tween, my groundings consisted of being in my room with no toys, books and no one was to talk to me while I wrote lines. I would always say something, but no one spoke back. Now the silent treatment hurts me about as much as being stabbed.

6. I pretty much hate every single one of my physical features except my eyes.

7. I sometimes worry that my love of makeup will make my daughters vain.

8. I have a crippling phobia of geese. I freak out just thinking about them. Drew honks at me and I’ll cower in terror.

9. I still love Pikachu.

10. It’s been 14 years, but I still bawl my eyes out when Mufasa dies.

11. I sometimes wish my ex husband & I had somehow separated & divorced more amicably. I wish we could have been friends somehow so I wouldn’t have to lie to my daughters and say we’re still close friends when we’re actually not.

12. My daughters are going to grow up stronger and smarter than me and for that I’m truly grateful.

13. There’s nothing sexier to me than a man who can sing.

14. Lifehouse is the best band in the world. The end.

15. I hate sitting on the couch to watch TV without a blanket.

16. Even though my entire life is about words, I strongly believe the only ones that hold any weight are “I’m sorry,” “I promise” and “I love you.” Those phrases are the strongest words in the english language and should never be used when not meant, nor taken back. There is honestly not much that hurts more.

17. Whenever life gets super crappy, I hide in my room like a teenager and listen to Staind. For some reason, So Far Away will shake me from doldrums.

18. I sing to my daughters almost every night. I sing when I cook dinner. I sing while I do homework. I couldn’t imagine a day without music and tell all of my friends they should sing every day, even if they’re terrible.

19. I’m actually very insecure about the fact that I talk way too damn much.

20. I like to do really dorky things to make people happy.

21. Even after a year of therapy, pep talks from Drew and Gleason and everyone in my life telling me otherwise, I still wonder if I deserved it.

22. Apparently I say the word “chicken” funny.

23. I want to go to Ireland more than anywhere else in the world.

24. I laugh when I see midgets. I know it’s horribly insensitive and I’m pretty sure I’m going to Hell for it, but I do. I just think of my friend saying he wanted his vision back to see a midget get thrown at another midget and I burst into giggles.

25. I believe in every God. I figure most religions when broken down have the same lesson “live right, be nice” so why should I tell someone willing to die for their God that they’re wrong. So, I pray every night to the higher powers, I figure someone’s listening.

26. Even though I’m a career driven perfectionist, I could be perfectly content as a stay at home Mom.

27. I still wish on stars, every single night. I know they’re not really magical, but they make me happy. They’re beautiful, they’re constant and no matter where you are, they’ll guide you home.

28. It’s been over two decades, but I miss my father every single day.

29. If one of my daughters had been a son, I would have insisted his name be Atticus Finch, because he embodied every charecteristic a man should have; intelligence, honesty, integrity, loyalty and the ability to fight for the right thing.

30. I’m claustrophobic. I can’t stand rooms without windows, elevators or basements. I have mastered elevators as long as I’m not in them alone. I won’t go to the hospital alone because I cannot stand being in the cubicle by myself. Doctor’s offices freak me out.

There you have it kids, 30 random MH facts. I assume you’re sufficiently bored now, I would be. I was more surprised it took me a few hours to come up with 30 things about me. I could have rattled off 30 facts about any one of my friends, but it took a long time for me to come up with facts about myself, which makes me wonder if we should spend more time getting to know ourselves better.