Every time I go online I see someone blogging about the “realities of depression” & it makes me so annoyed.

“Wah Wah Wah, depression is so hard. Wah Wah Wah every day is a struggle. You don’t know how hard it is.” Please shut up.

Before I get flamed, I know depression is hard. I know it’s a struggle. But those who sit around whining are doing the impression of depression a disservice. There’s a reason that so many people think it’s made up, making it harder for those who struggle to get help. I have a few friends who say mental illness is a myth & an excuse to get away with doing bad things. It’s because of these people.

I made friends with a lady at school who suffers from bipolar disorder. Every day she takes her medication, works with CMHA to monitor her progress & takes herself out of her comfort zone to improve. Never was I more proud of an adult when she stood in front of a class (despite being painfully shy) & conducted a presentation on complicated subject matter. Her disease doesn’t control her, she made depression her bitch.

Sadly, for every person like her (and some of my other friends), there’s that person who uses mental illness as a scapegoat for their problems. It’s not their fault that they ignore their families, they’re depressed. It’s not their fault they have anger issues, they’re depressed. It’s not their fault that they killed that guy, it’s the depression. Meanwhile, they never get help, never go to counseling. They use the disease as a crutch but refuse to conquer. Depression has made them their bitch. Imagine if you spent that hour you spent whining talking to a doctor? That time making excuses doing yoga or exercising to improve your symptoms? Why not make an effort to improve?

I guess it’s easy for me to sit back & say “get up off of your ass & do something” as I’m not depressed. But I can’t feel sympathy for those who refuse to help themselves. Because I know there’s people in this world like my fellow student who refuse to let mental illness beat them. It may not seem like it because she’s quiet & shy, but she’s probably the strongest one of us, because she’s busting her ass every day to make depression her bitch.

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