Make This Day

I was checking my Twitter feed in between housework & hair straightening & the general consensus was that 2011 totally sucked.

Really? Was I the only one who enjoyed this year? One of my best friends got married, I have a new home, went back to school, got out of a bad situation & have many great memories. From birthday parties to outings with the girls, random adventures & nights with wine, I have a lot of 2011 stories to tell.

Could it really be all bad? Marriages end, friendships fade, jobs get lost & people die. But does that mean there isn’t a single good memory? A child blowing out their birthday candles didn’t warm your heart? You didn’t have a single good day?

Good news kids, it’s over! 2011 is done & over with & we have at least 11 months & 20 days to make it right. Maybe we can all learn to find the good in life. Maybe we should all think of one good thing this year gave us instead of saying it sucked. 2012 will suck too if you can’t find the good in life.

So take the lessons you learned, the hardships you overcame & use them to start over. You don’t have to take my advice, I’m some chick on the Internet who’s life is chaotic. But, I do hope you find the next year more to your liking.

Finally, to those of you who read this blog; I thank you. For some reason, you find my ramblings interesting & I appreciate it. I wish you all a safe & happy new year & all the best in 2012.