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Twilight were-hunk Taylor Lautner was the victim of a cyber-prank when a doctored People Magazine cover hit the net claiming the actor was gay.

People & Lautner quickly refuted the story & life went on. What caught my attention was the reaction from Lautner’s fans, claiming his “coming out” made them want to kill themselves, cry for hours as he was now “a waste.”


I understand the moment when you learn your celebrity crush is even more unattainable. I remember my teenage heart breaking when Raine Maida announced his engagement to my favourite songstress Chantal Kreviazuk. However, somewhere we all know that the odds of landing our celeb crush are…none.

Coming out is hard enough, knowing millions of women will think you’re a waste makes it harder. I’m not going to say Lautner is gay. He has said he’s not & what he does in his bedroom is his business. However, is he any less “hunky” if he should come out? No. He’s still a teenage dreamboat & still completely unattainable to the average teen girl. Adam Lambert is out & proud & still has a legion of straight girls who want him. He wouldn’t be considered a waste to them.

No human being is a waste, regardless of whom they sleep with. If anything, all celebrities are wastes, as we have no shot in Hell. I’m a waste to a lot of men for the same reason. By the logic of “unattainable/unavailable = waste,” we’re all wasted.

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