Getting What We Really Want

I’ve decided to follow up on my previously protected post (which can be found by clicking HERE) in which I wondered if any of us really know what we want.

In short, no.

We all know what we want yes, but we want it to conform to our wills and desires in just the right time and place that we deem acceptable. The sad truth is that nothing truly good in life comes exactly when we want  it (unless you count that my best friend was determined to have a Scorpio child and did, but even then, he was born on her birthday, the last day that she wanted him to be born).

I know I am fretfully guilty of this as I tend to expect the entire universe to bend to my will and follow my plans to the letter. The truth is that nothing ever does.

The key to getting what we want is accepting that all the good things in our lives come to us when we’re least open to their appearance. It’s always the time when we have a million other things going on or we’re not really prepared and then that’s when the thing we wanted finally happens. Why? Because when we want things and actively seek them out, we put too much pressure on ourselves to find it because “it makes sense”. Whether it’s that job we wanted, a child, a relationship, nothing ever really comes at the “convienent” time. Sometimes the things that make the most sense happen when they make the least. For example, becoming a mother at 21 wasn’t the most convienent, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without Sydney, even though her first year was hard. My parents met during particularily difficult times for them and they “found love in a hopeless place” and lived happily ever after. Fate has a way of hurling things at us when we’re least ready for them. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of making us stand up and work to make the things we want happen.

This is why we all flounder wondering how to get what we want, because we don’t know how to roll with punches and accept what life hands us. The very few who are willing to find a way to accept the good life deals out to us when it deals it out at the absolute worst time are the only people who actually get what they want.

This is something that I need to work on most, the ability to “go with it.” To accept that the universe is not mine to make happen. That sometimes the best things happen at the worst of times and there’s a certain level of patience required to make it all work. That sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I want until it stands in front of me and screams “You want this!” and when it does, accept it on the terms that are given and RELAX. I’m getting better at this relax thing. Maybe I’ll learn to stop being so uptight. It’s going to be a struggle, as I’m kind of a control freak.

So, relax people and let life happen. Maybe it’s not the best time, but things don’t happen in the best time. They happen for the right reasons. I’ll even work on this relax thing, maybe even learn to live a little.