Family Friendly?

Family is such a subjective term.

Last week, a homosexual couple were asked to leave a Blenheim Tim Horton’s because it was a “family friendly” environment. My first thought was that this was beyond rude. Then, I thought about how hilarious the idea of “family friendly” was.

It’s no secret that my family puts the fun back in dysfunctional. I was raised in the system & my daughters consider my friends their aunts & uncles. The sheer concept of this white bread, picket fence, 2.5 kids, hetero parents & a dog makes me laugh because so few people have that family.

The definition of family has changed so much, it’s hard to define what is & what isn’t. I’m a single mom raising three girls with little help from their dad. It’s not the Disney ending, but here we are. 50 years ago, a multi racial couple was horrible & a male teacher was a dedicated educator. Now, the former is the norm & the latter under suspicion. Single parents, step parents, multi racial families are part of normal life now, why wouldn’t a same sex just be another form of the normal family?

I have a girlfriend who plans to start a family with her wife. It breaks my heart to think that their family could be called anything but a normal family. It makes me sadder still to know that a common law couple who dresses a dog as their child would be considered more of a family than theirs.

Just because the group doesn’t fit the cookie cutter family, it doesn’t make them any less a family. As long as there is love, you’re a family & I’m sorry Tim Horton’s but love is always family friendly.