“Make Me Feel Better…”

I do not understand the concept of being “fixed.”

I simply abhor the whole idea of it & yet we all do it. Why do we need a significant other to “fix” our broken selves. I hear it so often from my single friends “I just want someone to make everything in my life better,” or “I need a significant other to make my life awesome.”

I used to feel that way, but it took a very wise friend to help me realize that I was making myself pathetic. The other person gets all the power & the relationship is never equal. That’s why when he’s with someone, they’re partners. I hear alot of people talk about their need for love to make all of their problems go away & that just seems like alot of pressure to put on a partner. If their sole job is to make your life better, what do they get? The joy of fixing you. Seems very selfish to me.

If the man in my life ever wanted to fix me, I’d probably break up with him. I need a partner, not a doctor. I think external validation is great, but when it becomes your focus, you’ll never find self worth. I think there needs to be more of a focus on internal validation. Once you love yourself, that’s when others can love you.

Despite how sweet the sentiment is, Coldplay can keep their “Fix you.”