Goodbye Old Home, Hello New Home

The day I didn’t think would come fast enough is finally here; moving day.

Even though I am excitedly ready for our new home & a fresh start, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about leaving this home behind. This was the home we planned to grow old in. I brought my youngest daughter home from the hospital here. This was the host of many birthday parties & events. This place holds the oven where I made the “Dead Nazi” cake for my best friend’s birthday & the site of my one and only attempt at playing Halo. This is also home to the now infamous “newspaper mountain.”

There’s been laughter, tears & gossip. There has been Chinese food movie nights & slumber parties with the girls. We played jump rope in the front & had water fights in the back. I made many dinners for friends, we sang along with the radio, made our own harmonies & laughed too much when we sometimes drank too much. I guess it’s weird leaving this place behind.

Of course this place is also home to the holes in the wall from fists & anger, many an argument & the last night, when I sobbed until I passed out because I asked my ex husband to leave. There are unopened cans of paint, left from broken promises to decorate & projects left unfinished & a garden that I never got around to planting.

So, while yes it is sad, it’s also liberating to know that my new home will hold none of these memories. We have the opportunity to make new memories. We will play jump rope in the front yard & have water fights in the back. Ill jog around the track across the street. There will be new Chinese food nights & Mario wars & maybe I’ll finally learn to play Halo.

I miss entertaining. I hope the new house will frequent visitors again. I hope the new walls & the fresh paint will provide much needed closure & I hope whomever moves into our old home makes only positive memories, ones that will join ours in the history of these walls.