Six Things

My good friend Nancy over at our blog affiliate Whispered Inspirations posted a blog about the six things she can’t forget in life. This inspired me to want to make a similar list. However, I wanted to take a unique spin on it so instead I decided to make a list of the six things I want to do before I die.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have accomplished all of my major goals in life before my 30th birthday. I wanted to be a mom, get married, and become an accomplished journalist. I did all of these things, maybe not the way I would have wanted to and some things ended abruptly, but I still accomplished them all with the help of some good friends, alot of tenacity and sometimes sheer force of will. However, there are still some things I would want to do before my time on this Earth is through.

1. Watch my daughters grow up.  I want to be a good mother and I want my daughters to do well and to become strong, independent women. I can’t wait to see who they become and what paths they take. I hope I provide them a good role model and that I’m teaching them the right things. Every day they amaze me more with their intelligence, their grace and the little things that they find fun. I can’t wait to grow up all over again through them.

2. Go on an epic road trip. I don’t care if it’s to Vegas, Vancouver or someplace in between, I want to round up a group of friends, pile in a van and make the journey as fun as the destination. There will be photos, beer and stories we remember forever. I say, let’s pick a place where none of us have gone and just go and enjoy every second of the adventure.

3.  Meet Mr Right. I’ve done so well so far, maybe I’ll let ABC and the Bachelorette take over for me haha. Seriously though, I want to meet someone I can grow old with, someone who laughs at my stupid jokes and loves me, flaws and all. I don’t really want to remarry, I’ve done that and not very well. However, I would like to meet someone who gives me butterflies every time I look into his eyes and who makes the world make sense whenever he smiles at me. I assume he’s out there somewhere, in fact, I’m sure that I have known him this whole time; it’s just about timing.

4. Kiss at the top of the ferris wheel.  I’m a romantic at heart and the idea of sharing a kiss at the top of a ferris wheel is pretty much the most romantic and hokey thing ever. It’s probably the only hokey thing about me, as I’m more about simple gestures and quiet romance than grand sweeping romance. However, the idea is just so swoon worthy, I blush just thinking about it.

5. Read all the Harry Potter novels. I mock my Potterphile friends but I realize I can’t mock what I’ve never even read. It’s like saying you don’t like food before you’ve tried it. So, I must take time to read all seven books with an open mind.

6. Reach my ideal weight. I’m working on it every day and it’s a real struggle but this is something I need to do to show my daughters that it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want them to see how important it is to be  active and healthy and make positive food choices. I’ll look better and feel better about myself, which will help me achieve my other goals.

Maybe I’ll do all of these things, maybe not. Either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun trying to do it all.

6 thoughts on “Six Things

  1. Aww, I love it!

    They all sound great and are SO achievable! Love is out there m’dere and you shouldn’t have to settle for less. I’ve been there and done that and it was just a waste of time.

    All in time!

    Your girls will see the great example you are by your everyday actions and by the choices you make. You have your conscience clear and continue doing so. All I can day is time reveals everything!

    Well, good luck and I’m halfway to where I want to be weight wise too!

    So hard!

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