Anthony Fallout & What is Justice?

The world was shocked yesterday when Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the 2008 murder of her daughter Caylee.

Reactions stemmed from outrage to bashing a shocked Kim Kardashian on Twitter (her late father defended OJ Simpson). Alot of people claimed the lack of forensic evidence is what did in the prosecution because that’s how they do it on CSI. This sentence angers me because not every case will bring sexy Sara Sidle out of the office to find obscure evidence. Perhaps had the police listened to meter reader Ray Kronk months earlier when he called the police & said he found a body, Caylee would have gotten justice.

There’s three things I don’t understand; 1. When is the American judicial system going to explain that life isn’t a crime show to the jurors & to look at the facts they have, not what happened on Law & Order.
2. Why bash the Kardashians? Kim was 13 when the OJ trial took place & her father, a lawyer did the job he was hired to do. This adult woman is capable of forming her own opinions on current events. Insulting a dead man & his daughter because you feel the justice system is flawed isn’t right.
3. How was she not convicted of child abuse when her defense was child abuse?! Anthony claimed that Caylee died in a pool when she was failing to supervise her. That’s child abuse.

Regardless of whether or not you agree, the fact remains that alot of Americans (& others around the world) feel there are flaws in their judicial system & there needs to be some minor tweaks to get it right. This is true in all judicial systems. Canadians were up in arms yesterday when Guy Turcotte was found not guilty and declared not criminally responsible for the stabbing deaths of his children.

I’m not saying the system is completely flawed, but somewhere along the way what is required to prove guilt has been skewed & criminals are walking free (I am not in any way claiming Anthony murdered her child, as only God & Anthony know that. But IMO this woman skated on abuse charges). Perhaps all judicial systems should make some very minor changes to help keep up with the modern advancements & the CSI belief that every case is solved in 44 minutes or your pizza is free. I believe in innocent until proven guilty but I also think alot of criminals are walking thanks to a lack of forensics & (in Canada) the convenient not criminally responsible plea. Perhaps a couple of tiny changes could ensure justice is served consistently.

Regardless, I hope that the Anthony family can move forward in the wake of this tragedy & Caylee rests in peace.