Pubs & Single Life Downtown

Last night I went out for the first time as a single woman.

It was a friend’s birthday party & while it was fun catching up with friends, I found myself very ill at ease with myself by the end of the evening.

It wasn’t the company; my friends rock and are alot of fun. It wasn’t the losers leering at me while we were walking down the street. It was the fact that I was downtown.

I’ve made no secret that I loathe downtown. I hate the 19 and up, drunk douchers who hit on everything in a dress while drunk girls compete over who can find the guy who makes the most money. It’s actually pretty gross. I would tolerate it maybe three times a year for friends with the idea that my husband was the buffer between me & the gross losers. Fortunately, the pub we went to was for the more mature set (25 +) & there were no issues, but I guess the idea that I was out at a bar for the first time in the part of the city that I hate the most was a little intimidating.

There’s the mom guilt of going out as well as the guilt of being the stereotypical single mom who parties, even though I rarely do.

So, when does the guilt go? Is this a normal single mom moment? Much like the rest of parenting, there’s no handbook for this & I’m trying to figure out how to do this the “right” way.