Shout out to the REAL Dads & a Special Mama

Today is Father’s Day and I want to take this moment to thank all of the real dads out there.

By “real” dads, I mean the dads who bust their butts every day to provide for their kids. The ones who understand that it’s not just about fixing scrapes or tuck in time. A dad teaches his son or daughter how to be a man (or what kind of man to be with) by example. Every action a man takes, everything he does is a lesson to his children. This will shape his son into the man he will become, or the type of man his daughter will marry. A good father looks in the mirror every night & questions if he’s teaching his child or step child the right way. If you wouldn’t want your son to grow up just like you or your daughter to marry someone just like you, you’re doing it wrong. I know so many men who are doing an amazing job for their kids & I want to give them the props they deserve. Chances are if you got well wishes this morning on FB or Twitter, you’re in this category. Thanks for setting a good example for men everywhere boys.

So many men don’t get how important it is to be a dad & it’s not just time. So many guys scream at their child’s mother, calling her names or bashing her every chance he gets & then wonder why their daughters bring home an ehhole. So many dads whine about supporting their kids, missing the “toys” & then wonder why their kids are materialistic. It’s because (most) mothers understand from conception that they are responsible for this little life. Some men don’t understand the reality of raising a child until he/she is born, or not at all. In this day and age where a Father’s role is diminished, it’s nice to see men take their role seriously.

I also want to wish a happy Father’s Day to one of ASH Multimedia’s favourite bloggers and friend, Mister Mama ( She has been raising her LD on her own from day one & setting an example for single moms everywhere. She carries herself with poise, never badmouths her son’s father & works for her son every day. As I learn the single mom ropes, she is my role model on how to not screw it up. So, thanks lady & check out her blog.