It’s Friday!

Poor Rebecca Black, she just wanted to sing.

Granted, her song “Friday” is horrid, but you have got to give the teenager credit; she tried. After all, the biggest star on the planet started his 15 minutes of fame on YouTube, so why couldn’t Miss Black do the same?

Unfortunately, the music industry has become so watered down that anyone thinks they can be a multi-platinum artist simply by existing (Kim Kardashian, we’re looking in your direction). Celebrities are always recording terrible music to the delight of no one, giving hope to the equally untalented, making them think that they can be pop stars too.

Rebecca Black simply tried her hand at fame the same way everyone else has: record a catchy tune and go viral. While the song isn’t that great, you’ve got to give the girl props for trying. She had a dream and took a chance. Maybe it didn’t go the way she hoped, but she can look back on this experience and know she tried.

How many armchair critics can say the same? I know I can’t. Yes, I lived my dream of editing a magazine for awhile, but I didn’t send my portfolio to a major magazine. How many of us actually apply for that promotion or that dream job? Most of us leave the application on our desks for months, never trying.

So, give Miss Black credit for having the stones to put herself out there. She wanted something & made an effort to get it. It’s probably more than most of us have done.